Concept Wednesday: Meet the Speqtors

The Speqtors are copyrighted Jorge Lacera and Megan Newcomer © 2009

Starting today Wednesdays on Random Bits will be known as "Concept Wednesdays" Where I'll be posting bits and pieces of artwork done for the various comic/television/film pitch ideas I've developed over the past few years.

I'm kicking it off with a piece I did for an animated television show concept I'm developing with my fiancee, Megan Newcomer, known as The Speqtors!

The Speqtors are a family of ghost hunters, in Hollywood-ese I'd describe it as the Royal Tenenbaums meets Ghostbusters with a dash of Incredibles for good measure.

This shot shows one of the Kids, Ben, riding his bike home, completely oblivious to his deceased neighbors.

I'll be posting more images of the Speqtors soon as well as some other goodies so stay tuned!


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