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isoNaut Series


These pieces are part of a series i'm gearing up for. I'll be participating in a group show in March and my personal theme is starting to take shape, i want this series to be the fullest expression of my fine art leanings. I'm looking to do these as a series of large silk screen prints on paper. More on the show in upcoming month's so stay tuned...



Another Sketch-o-Rama topic


INTERIOR: REBEL BLOCKADE RUNNER -- MAIN HALLWAY. The awesome, seven-foot-tall Dark Lord of the Sith makes his way into the blinding light of the main passageway. This is Darth Vader, right hand of the Emperor. His face is obscured by his flowing black robes and grotesque breath mask, which stands out next to the fascist white armored suits of the Imperial stormtroopers. Everyone instinctively backs away from the imposing warrior and a deathly quiet sweeps through the Rebel troops. Several of the Rebel troops break and run in a frenzied panic.



Gotta love t-shirts!

Zoo Story

Went to the Cleveland Zoo on Tuesday on a work trip through AG. It was a beautiful day for drawing.

Fun times.

Here are few of my sketches:

Insufficient Postage

Sorry about the lack of posts blog peeps. Although i may not have new postings thank goodness my talented friends do!

  • http://www.senvald.com/

  • Beautiful Illustrations! Love her colors! OOOohHH

  • http://argumints.blogspot.com/

  • "A bunch of mints trying to change the world the only way they know how - arguments. And lots of them"

    Cool tv show concept created by the Uber talented Ryan Weisbrock. Keep an eye on this blog.

  • http://jgroman.blogspot.com/

  • The awesome Jim Groman just posted some killer concept art for a faux film project we worked on called "WAR OF THE COLLOSSAL FREAKS OF FRANKENSTEIN’S PLANET" I'll post my designs soon and hopefully Carlos Villagra will post his pieces as well.

    Thats all for now stay tuned.......


    Painter Process

    Just found an old piece i never finished, figured i'd finish it and go ahead and track the process of how i do a digi Painting in Painter.

    I usually start the basic drawing directly in Painter IX using the Cover Pencil Brush with the opacity set to 50%, adding and taking away lines as needed but still keeping it rough and loose. I lay down an initial tone on a seperate layer and set it to Gel to get a better sense of the final color.

    I then usually continue layering color using the Cover Brush until i get a nice sense of shape and form, in this case i also changed my tone color to better match my line work.

    More to come...



    Some more experiments with Painter...



    Jorge Lacera is a freelance Illustrator born in Colombia but raised in Miami on a steady diet of comics, cartoons and muppets.

    He currently lives in Boston, MA. where he works as a concept/storyboard artist for 2K Boston.

    (Updated!) A bit of the old Victor Von....



    Quickie speed painting (sort of) took about an hour and a half, must get faster!!

    PS: Sketch of ol Doomy! Also i accidentally stumbled across this amazing blog:

    Sideshow Collectibles Behind the Show

    Its got step by step production photos of some AMAZING sculpts including this great DOOM maquette by Pablo Viggiano!


    I got super bored with the old design so i figured i'd give my blog a face lift!

    My last few posts have been entitled "V" which is an abbreviation for "A Villains Tale" a story concept i've been in the process of fleshing out and developing on my own time. It's always great to have an outlet outside of work for me to explore some themes and ideas that tend to float around in my head.

    More to come as the story gets fleshed out...

    The Archon


    more "V"




    What I do


    Just a quickie post to let people know what is I do for a living.

    I work as an Illustrator for AGP BRANDS the Licensing/Entertainment division of American Greetings Corp.

    We create and develop new character-based properties for entertainment and consumer products.

    Thats it in a nutshell, so far its been super fun and I am so greatful to be working with such a talented and creative group of people!

    More posts to come!



    Art Show!


    So as some of you may know i'm going to be part of a group art show that opens this Sat. at the Pop Shop gallery in Lakewood, OH. All the work is Ape related. I think through primates in art we can see and explore what it means to be human by juxtapozing our own "humanity" against the "inhumanity" of apes, which in turn reveals some often times disturbing truths about ourselves .... and they look friggin cool too.



    Sorry about the late posting i'll have an avalanche of work posted soon. i'm currently in the middle of putting together some artwork for a gallery show in April at the Pop Shop in Lakewood. I'm also making some limited edition tees that will be for sale soon, i'll make sure to inform everyone on that! So keep checking in. The goodness won't stop....can't stop!

    Blade Runner: Pris


    I love Blade Runner. This is no secret, its one of the best movies ever made. So I decided to do a little exercise where i'm redesigning some of the characters from the movie to have a kind of animated Art Deco feel. More to come...

    Some sketches...




    I just got these cool buttons made through my good friends Rachel and Keith over at Pinhead Buttons (I have them linked on the right) and they rock! If anyone ever needs buttons made I highly recomend em'!

    fun with 'crylics


    So I was inspired to do some acrylic painting a few weeks back to break up the monotomy/ eye strain of my typical computer stuff and this was the result. Had fun doing it I highly recomend it, I think its important to change things up every once and a while, try a new technique and just work with out the fear of failure, cause hey its supposed to be fun! Mad props to Chris Ryniak for being dope and hooking a brother up.

    Post It Scribbles Part 2


    These are fairly old, did em when i first came to Cleveland and i've had em up on the wall of my apt. since.



    Part of the directors series.



    I just want to apologize to everyone for not replying to the comments made on the blog. I just realized i had "moderate comments" selecetd on my settings, what and idiot!!! It was quite a shock to read so many posts left by so many people! I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to write something on here over the last couple of months, I love getting feedback and promise to reply as often as i can now that i know people are writing.

    Heres "Woody" from the directors series:



    Apes! I've been on an ape/ monkey kick lately i'll post some more later....



    This weeks entry for the Sketch-o-Rama Blog. The bike was a nightmare and i'm not entirely thrilled with it in the end but i did like working on a vehicle for once, next time i'll take a much more stylized approach.

    Art Echo


    I love being able to see artistic influences in artwork. In certain works you can almost track a whole lineage of a design styles in one piece. I just happened to come across a mother load of Mary Blair Illustrations at the awesome ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Project Blog, Ronnie Del Carmen recently posted this great caricature of John Lasseter on his blog as a part of an ongoing series of people he works with. Great homage to the Blair style.

    As a side note i think this Pixar Disney merger is amazing news. I thnk it means we'll get better quality animation across the board and the full $upport of the Disney corporation behind Pixar which is stupendous.

    Much luck to all involved.


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