ArtOrder :Usual Suspects Silhouettes


This week's Artorder challenge was to depict a line up of characters only in silhouette. This was a bigger challenge than I expected but had a lot of fun figuring out how to tackle it. Silhouettes are a common technique that concept artists use to explore unique shapes and form quickly, I personally don't practice this step but after this art challenge I'm definitley going to incorporate it into my process.


Concept Wednesday: Meet the Speqtors

The Speqtors are copyrighted Jorge Lacera and Megan Newcomer © 2009

Thanks for checking back in on a late Weds. edition of concept Wednesdays!

This is the final Speqtors post ( for now) and the cover for our one sheet. As you can see it depicts our ghost busting family in a quiet moment before the proverbial storm.

From left to right: Edwin: Dad skeptic and scholar. Sydney: Mom worlds most powerful pshycic. Ben: fashionista. Claire: heart of the family, also her sweater is possessed with the soul of a 1000 year old kungfu master.

Got any questions or comments? Feel free to write back int he comments section below or shoot me an email at

Check in next week for more art and concepts!


Concept Wednesday: Meet the Speqtors Part 2!

The Speqtors are copyrighted Jorge Lacera and Megan Newcomer © 2009

It's Wednesday and you know what that means!

Here is another concept showing the youngest member of the Speqtor family, Claire, meeting up for a play date with a ghost friend of hers... you know, like kids do.

The Speqtors takes place in the historic town of Miskatonic, Mass. I knew from the get go that I did not want it to look like other shows on tv (saturated colors, no variation in tone, heavy black outlines etc.) so I opted to go with a richer color palette, with limited bright colors acting as accents. I wanted the Speqtors to literally bring color and life to the dreary dead township.

Hope you dig it, and as always comments are REALLY appreciated. I'll be posting more Speq stuff next Weds.



Concept Wednesday: Meet the Speqtors

The Speqtors are copyrighted Jorge Lacera and Megan Newcomer © 2009

Starting today Wednesdays on Random Bits will be known as "Concept Wednesdays" Where I'll be posting bits and pieces of artwork done for the various comic/television/film pitch ideas I've developed over the past few years.

I'm kicking it off with a piece I did for an animated television show concept I'm developing with my fiancee, Megan Newcomer, known as The Speqtors!

The Speqtors are a family of ghost hunters, in Hollywood-ese I'd describe it as the Royal Tenenbaums meets Ghostbusters with a dash of Incredibles for good measure.

This shot shows one of the Kids, Ben, riding his bike home, completely oblivious to his deceased neighbors.

I'll be posting more images of the Speqtors soon as well as some other goodies so stay tuned!


Boll Deevil



Wow what an honor to have been chosen as one of the winners of the Boll Deevil contest!! I definitely recommend you go over to Artorder and check out the rest of the entries (53 total!!) Congrats to Jasper Ng and Kiriko Moth as well!

This weeks Artorder challenge is a big one!

"The "Boll Deevil", a large and imposing critter - at least 15 feet in length. The attacks it can have I will leave up to you, but I want to see them. In other words, if it has a claw attack, I want to see claws that look like they can do real damage. If it has a breath weapon - show it's effect. " Jon Schindehette.

The winner of this weeks challenge wins a commission from either Dungeon or Dragon magazine!

So make sure to check the Jon's blog and wish me luck!


Studies for the head

Little sillhouette study for my own benefit, I ended up going for a more grotesque, aged look.

Shock and Awe


Updated: Scale reference

This weeks Artorder challenge. Here's the description:

Challenge #1
Concept Name: 'Shock and Awe' weapon
Due Date: April 26, 2009, Noon PST
Concept Description: In my D&D game last week, we had a moment that called for a 'shock and awe' moment. It was my job to run in with my Goliath Warden and set up that "Shock and Awe" moment. I kept wishing I had a weapon that would have helped with that task. Help me out please. Design a weapon that just screams death and destruction, or makes monsters pause before going up against someone wielding it. The only constraints, it has to be a fantasy based martial implement (swords, hammers, axes, etc.) and has to be wieldable by a 8 foot tall, 300 pound juggernaught of destruction. See what the D&D Goliath looks like here.

I've been playing some Soul calibur 4 and I think a little bit of the Soul Edge snuck in there. Hehe...the soul lives on...

I haven't designed a prop in a long while and I have to admit that this was a bit challenge. But i ended up having a blast: the research alone was worth it.

Bromides Continued




This weeks ArtOrder entry, got carried away but it was also alot of fun.

Feedback, as always, is welcome.



Pteradactyl + Demon + Undead = Ptera-Gloth!!!

Check out the rest of the submissions on Tuesday at the Artorder blog.

ArtOrder Sketch 2:Bromide


My take on this weeks Artorder challenge.

I imagine the Bromide race as humanoid tribes that use Plants and fungus as a primary material. As they began to expand the use of the plants, a symbiotic relationship began to evolve. Now the Bromides ritualistically remove a limb as sacrifice and symbol and regrow a symbiotic replacement.

The breathing "graft" is also Symbiotic as the Bromide exhales the plant instantly converts the Co2 into oxygen, giving the wearer the ability to enter low Oxygen environments.



When is an image truly finished? I couldn't help myslef. These were done for the Artorder weekly themed sketch session.

Dragon! Run!!!!




Carlos Villagra finally sent out the call for the newest Sketch-o-rama theme: Redesign Cobra Commander. I opted to go straight away for a more militaristic and severe look. I can invision this version of Cobra Commander just as easily ordering a glass of wine or ordering the deaths of millions.
Clearly his new facial "augmentations" don't prevent him from indulging, like a good villain.



Getting back into the swing of things after a long vacation, a quick painting done in Photoshop.

Cat Woman, Batman, Hellboy, Oh my....


More Super-Heroic shenanigans to come...

Thor Progress


Some progress on the Thor piece I started a few months ago, i'm having alot of fun working on this piece slowly and building it up over time.


Alchemy= Awesome


Late last night while taking a break from some freelance I came across this little Application called Alchemy, it's a pared down drawing program designed to keep things spontaneous and loose and I have to say it's pretty sweet. Here are some things I did in the span of a couple of hours.

Flying Contraption


Speed Paintings!


Studies and sketches

Here are a few sketches and studies I've been working on lately:

This was done for the Sketchaday blog. Theme: Underwater creature

Again done for the sketchaday blog. Theme: Isometric environment

This I'm doing for fun mostly, Carlos just posted his prelim over on his blog and I figured I'd follow suit. I'm doing this in Photoshop where I've been painting primarily. I usually start with a dark green layer set to multiply, on top of this I set up an overlay layer to work out my value tones.

More on this piece as i get her done.

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