Yikes, It feels like a life time since my last post even though it really hasn't been that long, It's just that 2008 has decided to start off with a bang!

As of this month January I am an employee of 2k Boston, the game studio responsible for a little game called Bioshock. I'm currently working as a storyboard artist here and I'm friggin thrilled to be working with such a talented crew.

So between saying good bye to my friends in OHIO, moving, and starting a new job I've been a tad busy. But never fear here are a few sketches to feed the blog beast for a bit.

For those of you who have stuck with this blog I want to say THANK YOU!!! Your feedback and comments are a constant inspiration and motivation, I'll be posting pics of the new work diggs soon. So till next time let me get back to work...

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