Cat Woman, Batman, Hellboy, Oh my....


More Super-Heroic shenanigans to come...

Thor Progress


Some progress on the Thor piece I started a few months ago, i'm having alot of fun working on this piece slowly and building it up over time.


Alchemy= Awesome


Late last night while taking a break from some freelance I came across this little Application called Alchemy, it's a pared down drawing program designed to keep things spontaneous and loose and I have to say it's pretty sweet. Here are some things I did in the span of a couple of hours.

Flying Contraption


Speed Paintings!


Studies and sketches

Here are a few sketches and studies I've been working on lately:

This was done for the Sketchaday blog. Theme: Underwater creature

Again done for the sketchaday blog. Theme: Isometric environment

This I'm doing for fun mostly, Carlos just posted his prelim over on his blog and I figured I'd follow suit. I'm doing this in Photoshop where I've been painting primarily. I usually start with a dark green layer set to multiply, on top of this I set up an overlay layer to work out my value tones.

More on this piece as i get her done.

POP-MECH / ImagineFX spread

I did this piece for the sketchday blog which you can find here, the theme was symbiotic relationship between a girl and her robot...

...and my ImagineFx spread at last in my grubby hands!!! I have to admit I got a kick out of seeing my stuff alongside so many talented people, a great mag for all you artistic types.

Shanna is a pUnk Rocker


I've been tryin' out some different drawing papers recently and this was one of the things I was playing around with. I recently discovered the work of Michael Shultz so I also had girls and Dinosaurs on the mind.

Let me know what y'all think!


BATS!!! and some figure drawing...


I drew this while waiting for the Dark Knight 12:01am screening (yes I am that much of a geek...)

I've been attending a regular figure drawing class here in Quincy, MA. these are a few studies done in my sketch book, I'll make sure to post some of my larger pieces once I take pictures of em.

HULK!!! and stuff...


Sorry for the lack of postings guys, been a bit busy at work etc. Here are a few pieces done for both Sketch-o-Rama and Sketchday blogs.

Also keep an eye out for the July issue of ImagineFx Magazine, a fantasy and sci-fi digital arts magazine, where some of my artwork will be featured. I'll make sure to post an update as soon as it hits the news stands here in the states.

Steam Punk Alice and Wonderland: Queen of Hearts


Another quickie done for the sketch a day blog, this time I took some drastic liberties with the character of the Queen of Hearts, this was a fun one. Would love to hear any and all feed back!



Some drawings for the Mad Hatter for the Sketch a Day blog. More to come.

Pickman's Model


Inspired by the short story "Pickman's Model" by H.P.Lovecraft.

Sketch a Day Theme: FolkTale


La Loba from mexican and Native American folktales.

Just uploaded this over at the group blog SketchaDay, some talented folks are starting to post so be sure to check it out!



John Carter of Mars: Tars Tarkas revisited


SO the other night I could not sleep... and without really thinking about it I picked up my sketch book and started drawing. I just let my pencil wander and lo and behold Tars Tarkas began to appear all angry and yelling and carrying on. Once I was done drawing him he settled down and I went back to sleep and slept like a baby... A few days later this bit of news re-appeared on Jim Hill Media, weird huh? I can't wait to see what Pixar/Disney dose with this franchise and if by any odd coincidence they happen to need any additional design work done I AM available for freelance...ahem..well let me know what you guys think...cheers!

Helmet study


Monstruous Feos

S'more sketchy fun.

Sketch Download


Hey everyone, these sketches have been backing up so I think its a good time to post em. I've been taking some time away from vector programs and experimenting with new techniques, mediums and subject matter.

I've also been posting (semi daily) over at sketch a day, a blog I started up with my good friends Chad King and Laura Zimmermann. Hope you guys enjoy it and feel free to leave some feedback.


PS: Check don' t think I've forgotten my peeps over at Sketch-o-rama
check it out and keep an eye out for more.

Head Gear


Quickie sketch.



Yikes, It feels like a life time since my last post even though it really hasn't been that long, It's just that 2008 has decided to start off with a bang!

As of this month January I am an employee of 2k Boston, the game studio responsible for a little game called Bioshock. I'm currently working as a storyboard artist here and I'm friggin thrilled to be working with such a talented crew.

So between saying good bye to my friends in OHIO, moving, and starting a new job I've been a tad busy. But never fear here are a few sketches to feed the blog beast for a bit.

For those of you who have stuck with this blog I want to say THANK YOU!!! Your feedback and comments are a constant inspiration and motivation, I'll be posting pics of the new work diggs soon. So till next time let me get back to work...

Girls and Guns


quickie Sketech-o-Rama post

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