Shock and Awe


Updated: Scale reference

This weeks Artorder challenge. Here's the description:

Challenge #1
Concept Name: 'Shock and Awe' weapon
Due Date: April 26, 2009, Noon PST
Concept Description: In my D&D game last week, we had a moment that called for a 'shock and awe' moment. It was my job to run in with my Goliath Warden and set up that "Shock and Awe" moment. I kept wishing I had a weapon that would have helped with that task. Help me out please. Design a weapon that just screams death and destruction, or makes monsters pause before going up against someone wielding it. The only constraints, it has to be a fantasy based martial implement (swords, hammers, axes, etc.) and has to be wieldable by a 8 foot tall, 300 pound juggernaught of destruction. See what the D&D Goliath looks like here.

I've been playing some Soul calibur 4 and I think a little bit of the Soul Edge snuck in there. Hehe...the soul lives on...

I haven't designed a prop in a long while and I have to admit that this was a bit challenge. But i ended up having a blast: the research alone was worth it.

Bromides Continued




This weeks ArtOrder entry, got carried away but it was also alot of fun.

Feedback, as always, is welcome.



Pteradactyl + Demon + Undead = Ptera-Gloth!!!

Check out the rest of the submissions on Tuesday at the Artorder blog.

ArtOrder Sketch 2:Bromide


My take on this weeks Artorder challenge.

I imagine the Bromide race as humanoid tribes that use Plants and fungus as a primary material. As they began to expand the use of the plants, a symbiotic relationship began to evolve. Now the Bromides ritualistically remove a limb as sacrifice and symbol and regrow a symbiotic replacement.

The breathing "graft" is also Symbiotic as the Bromide exhales the plant instantly converts the Co2 into oxygen, giving the wearer the ability to enter low Oxygen environments.

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