fun with 'crylics


So I was inspired to do some acrylic painting a few weeks back to break up the monotomy/ eye strain of my typical computer stuff and this was the result. Had fun doing it I highly recomend it, I think its important to change things up every once and a while, try a new technique and just work with out the fear of failure, cause hey its supposed to be fun! Mad props to Chris Ryniak for being dope and hooking a brother up.

Post It Scribbles Part 2


These are fairly old, did em when i first came to Cleveland and i've had em up on the wall of my apt. since.



Part of the directors series.



I just want to apologize to everyone for not replying to the comments made on the blog. I just realized i had "moderate comments" selecetd on my settings, what and idiot!!! It was quite a shock to read so many posts left by so many people! I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to write something on here over the last couple of months, I love getting feedback and promise to reply as often as i can now that i know people are writing.

Heres "Woody" from the directors series:



Apes! I've been on an ape/ monkey kick lately i'll post some more later....



This weeks entry for the Sketch-o-Rama Blog. The bike was a nightmare and i'm not entirely thrilled with it in the end but i did like working on a vehicle for once, next time i'll take a much more stylized approach.

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